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Greetings, wayfarer! My name is Harald.
I am a Eurasian fellow of quiet sensibilities, brandishing a BFA in Game Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design (Class 2011!!) with a focus in narrative.

My time at college afforded me exposure to the many disciplines of game development, but I found that stories are my calling. Whether it is prose fiction or game narrative, world creation or character building, writing is my sincerest passion. And somehow I’ve also gained an admiration for the beauty of C/C++ programming.

Growing up in Indonesia and attending the Jakarta International School there exposed me to people of many cultural backgrounds, which I consider a true privilege. Linguistically, I am a native speaker of English and Indonesian, and I am auspiciously between ‘conversational’ and ‘fluent’ in Japanese.

For the future, I find myself in an ebb and flow between being a fiction writer and a game developer, though these are certainly not mutually exclusive. Either outcome would bring me joy, as would– to a lesser extent– gentle rains or cloudless skies.

But anyway, since you’re here already, drop me a comment or something!  It would make me this happy.

There might as well be light beams shooting from my head.

It behooves a writer to have written things.  (Isn’t that a wonderful word?  It makes me think of horses.)  It also behooves an art student to have an online portfolio of his or her work.  Being guilty of both these charges, I made a little website.

Harald Hagen Writes Stories

Maybe you’re looking for something to read.  Maybe you’re looking for someone to write stuff for or with you.  Or maybe you have eight-and-a-half minutes until the nice lady finally announces that they will begin boarding from rows 65 to 50.  Whatever your reason, feel free to have yourself a little visit.  I would be ridiculously jubilant, and I’d rather not have to flash that photo of my silly grin again to demonstrate.

Also, I have a LinkedIn here.


Penny for your thoughts?

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