I created this blog in early 2011 as an outlet for my thoughts.  I didn’t have any real subject in mind, or a plan, or even a schedule.  It was just me and the keys; whatever happened, happened.  Looking at the zero posts I have, it seems like I didn’t have very many — thoughts, that is.  But the truth was worse: I was just terrible at getting myself to write them.  I was stuck in limbo.

A hint at an inevitable future post.

A hint at an inevitable future post.

With 2013 now ushered in and cozy, a fresh opportunity to begin anew presents itself.  And what’s better is that I have a plan now, and a schedule.  So, shall we?

Once a week, I’ll be posting a review of a game (or possibly a television show or film every now and then).  It could be a recent release or a classic; it could be awesome or full of suck; or it could be good, bad, and ugly.  But mark my words: there will be blood.

Most of the reviews I come across look at all aspects of the game, from visuals to audio to gameplay and beyond.  That’s not what I aim to do here.  My focus is the writing.  By giving all my attention to an in-depth appraisal of the narrative and how the other elements support and/or utilize it, my goal is to see where the story shines and where it could have used more polish.  This is the field I’m looking to break into, after all.

Fair warning: it will be subjective, and it will be spoiler-ridden.  And it shall be glorious.

In a few days, I’ll be posting my first review.  I’ve actually won the game in question twice already, but the morality-based dual endings warrant a third playthrough.  The time for mercy and stealth is over; now comes only plague and death.  So stay tuned!

What game is it?  Let’s just say it starts with a ‘D’.


Penny for your thoughts?

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